VIVA Generations Project by Dilyan Markov

VIVACOM supported the project by the famous Bulgarian photographer Dilyan Markov and the journalist Emil Spahiyski that gathered more than 120 pictures of celebrities, politicians and popular persons in a virtual gallery bearing the name "VIVA Generation - A Portrait of a Generation".

During the last ten years, dozens of people have faced Dilyan Markov''s camera on various occasions - pop stars, models, politicians, popular persons, TV speakers, journalists. All of them whom we see every day in the media have left their footprint for the generation that marks the beginning of the current century in Bulgaria.

The online gallery at is organised in three sections - CLASSIC PORTRAITS, GLAMOUR PORTRAITS and LIFESTYLE PORTRAITS. Every visitor may see there the faces of more than 120 famous Bulgarian, emblematic for the decade and distinguishable by its generation. The photographs are accompanied by detailed information - when and for which magazine they have been made, as well as interesting facts about them.

In addition to being a portrait of the generation, the project also reflects the way lifestyle journalism has changed in Bulgaria. Almost all leading stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists and art directors have worked for making these pictures. With the support from VIVACOM the author published his art in a compact and well organised internet space that allows thousands of people to visit it and have a look at the interesting collection no matter where they are.

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