Edgar Degas Sculpture Exhibition

In 2010 the Bulgarian art connoisseurs had the chance to enjoy a unique exhibition of the French impressionist Edgar Degas organised by the French Cultural Institute with the Support of the VIVACOM Fund.

When Degas''s relatives found his most famous sculpture, "The Little Dancer", in 2001 the audience showed interest toward the rest of the 73 pieces of plastic art, initially created by the impressionist from wax. Their bronze casts owned by the M. T. Abraham Centre for Visual Arts in New York started their world tour across the most prestigious national galleries, of which Bulgaria is honoured to be the third host in the world after Greece and Israel.

Due to the unprecedented interest and numerous audience that visited the exposition at the National Gallery of Arts in September and October, the project turned in one of the leading cultural events in Bulgaria in 2010. The exposition attracted more than 36,000 visitors in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv and became one of the most visited exhibitions in Bulgaria in the last few years.

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