Sofia Design Week

VIVACOM supported the first design festival in Bulgaria - Sofia Design Week. Once again, this showed the willingness of the company to support new city events that are happening for the first time and change the cultural environment in our country by showing the best world experience.

The mission of Sofia Design Week is to search for a new identity of our visual environment and to contribute for turning Sofia into a modern European capital. Therefore the event has stated an objective to transform the city in the week of 5 to 12 July 2009. Its first edition brought to Bulgaria some of the most innovative specialists in contemporary product, communication, interactive and graphic design.

"We decided to get involved in this ambitious project since we think that the time has come for such an event to be organised in Bulgaria. Sofia Design Week is needed to make us think how the environment, in which we live, could become better", Mihaela Kalaydzhieva said during the opening of the festival.

The festival programme included 22 exhibitions with free access and a lecture part that gathered some of the most prominent names of contemporary design avant-garde. The main site of the event was the Design Lounge at the yard of the National Academy of Arts.

The focus placed by VIVACOM within the festival was the own exhibition titled TELevolution that presented the evolution in the telecom''s visual identity before the upcoming re-branding on 10 September and was arranged in the area in front of the Telephone Palace from 9 to 20 June. The exhibition presented the development of the visual identity of the biggest Bulgarian telecom.

Especially for the guests of VIVACOM, Andre Andreev - the Bulgarian who became famous all over the world with his Dress Code Studio and works for Nike, MTV and Adobe - delivered a presentation on the topic of corporate visual identity.

In relation to the Sofia Design Week, VIVACOM opened a special telephone line for information on the festival programme. Some of the VIVACOM symbols in the urban environment - the street telephones - were decorated with a yellow ribbon, the symbol of the festival that was yet another hint about the change occurring with the telecom and the expected new visual identity of the company.

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