Customer Service

123 for residential customers
121 for business customers
+359 (0) 700 17 000 if you are mobile of fixed customer of other operator

Information & Operator services

11800 for Directory Assistance
120 for National and International Operator Service (access from your fixed line)
0800 10 101 to request a Mobile Consultant visit

General Queries


VIVACOM Headquarters

115 I, Tsarigradsko chaussee blvd.

1784 Sofia, Bulgaria

Claims & Charge disputes


VIVACOM Customer Service

Claims administration team

1784 Sofia, post box 44

The council for Electronic Media


Address: 69 Shipchenski prohod blvd.

1574 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: 02/ 9708810; Fax: 02/ 9733769

E-mail:, Website:

Our shops


Find the nearest VIVACOM shop

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