Kamen Donev


VIVACOM stood behind another play that been a true hit in the theatre programme for several successive seasons now. "The Views of a Teacher about Folk Art" is the most popular play by Kamen Donev, in which for the first time the actor presents his own mono-performance. In addition to the purely theatre expressive means the spectators can see Kamen sing and dance live under the sound of Teodosiy Spasov and Stundzhy.


Creator and author of the idea is Kamen Donev himself who is at the same time an actor, dramatist and director of the play. He has invited musicians to record the original music of the play such as Teodosiy Spasov, Ivo Papazov - Ibryama, Sotyan Yankulov - Stundzhy, Dani Milev, Eva Quartet, etc. Especially for the performance, Antoni Donchev has created his own composition after the "Parents" libretto. VIVACOM was aware of the cultural value of this original project and provided the financial support required for its realisation.

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