Karandila Junior – ‘Hope Ghetto’ Debut Album

The Karandila Junior wind orchestra consists of 16 roma children aged between 8 and 16 years. It was established in 2007 in the Nadezhda (Hope) Residential Area of the city of Sliven - a twenty-thousand roma ghetto, notorious for the high crime level, illiteracy and poverty.

Following a series of concerts in Bulgaria and abroad the band leader Angel Tichaliev created a music school for the children where they can play and sing instead of wandering about the area. An idea was born about recording a debut album, for which money was needed that the group could not afford itself. In 2010 the VIVACOM Fund took a decision to lend a hand to the young musicians and give them a chance to start a true music career. This way the first album of Karandila Junior was released - Nadezhda Ghetto (Hope Ghetto), presented on 27 January 2011 at the Sofia Live Club.

The project was aimed at breaking up the cliches offering a different view at the roma ghetto culture. The album offers unique music without analogue in the Western culture - authentic gipsy tunes, mixed with elements of the Bulgarian and Turkish folklore, of jazz and even reggae. Pure children''s talent cultivated and further developed by Angel Tichaliev - the impellent force of the original Karandila Orchestra, too. The thirteen album songs take the listener to a different, unknown world, childishly sincere and sunny, from which life gushes more enduring than poverty, more important than any prejudice and more real than the every-day life of most people in the modern world. The unique qualities of the music are expressed also by the fact that the album features some of the greatest and world-famous Bulgarian musicians like Milcho Leviev, Teodosiy Spassov and Vlado Karparov.

In addition to the project realisation, the VIVACOM Fund also supports the transfer from one generation to another of the Bulgarian wind orchestra tradition and the preservation of the uniqueness of the Bulgarian, roma and Balkan folklore.

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