No Limits Jazz Concerts

In the autumn of 2010 VIVACOM supported a series of jazz concerts of Bulgarian musicians performing abroad. The concerts were organised at the Farenah Concept place and were accompanied by an exhibition of artistic photographs by Blaga Dimitrova displaying different moments of the musicians'' life and career abroad. The concerts were a part of the No Limits Project that offered an alternative of the classical music concerts where the spectator only observes the performance at a distance from the stage and its world. In this project the music admirers had direct contact with the singers and performers since the performances were not presented at a stage but in direct proximity of the audience.  

All performances are acoustic and each show is unique. The project included also the presentation of artist from other spheres who are also incredibly good vocal performers. An example of this was the actress Maya Novoselska who entertained the audience in her unusual appearance of a solo jazz performer. A part of the initiative was the charity auction of paintings by the graffiti artists FOURplus during the concert. The project also included a concert by Vladigerov Brothers and a charity auction of porcelain goods from the Nymphenburg manufactury. A certain percentage of all revenues was donated for purchasing equipment for the Institute for Children''s Mental Health and Development, established by VIVACOM.

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