Andy Warhol Exhibition

In 2010 VIVACOM supported one of the first initiatives of the newly opened Modern Art Museum Gallery in Sofia - Andy Warhol Week, presenting the ten "Marilyns". The series is undoubtedly the most famous work by the scandalous artist and is perceived nowadays as the symbol of the Pop Art cultural stream, distinguishable all over the world.

The "Marilyns" came to Bulgaria as part of the initiatives of the VIVACOM Fund for presenting the valuable world art to the Bulgarian public. For the first time all 10 prints of the pop icon were shown to the Bulgarian audience. Marilyn''s face is depicted in ten different interpretations using a simple reproduction technique by the founder of the Pop Art movement. The artist''s discovery is expressed in the fact that one and the same face, if shown in different colours, will have a totally different effect on the viewer. 

Some of the biggest museums in the world - the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA and the Guggenheim Museum in New York, boast of having these works in their collections. During the exhibition at the Modern Art Museum Gallery, the art admirers in Bulgaria had the opportunity for the first time to see such popular examples of world culture.

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