VIVACOM donates the first monthly fees for new services in April to combat COVID-19


April 1st, 2020, Sofia. After the decision to donate BGN 900 000 to the Ministry of Health together with United Group, VIVACOM continues its initiatives for faster control of the epidemic and return of society to its usual way of life and work. The company will donate the amount of the first monthly fees collected for all new activated subscription services in April to help healthcare facilities and Bulgarian medical professionals in the fight against COVID-19. Moreover, for all services activated online for the same period, VIVACOM will donate the amount of double the monthly fee.


In the first week of May, the company will announce the funds raised and how they will be allocated to important and current activities that need funding to tackle the epidemic.

VIVACOM encourages people to stay home, use digital channels, and do whatever they can online. For their convenience, the company''s fixed services, i.e. Internet and TV, can now be subscribed through the online store at https://www.vivacom.bg/en/zajavka-za-usluga-za-doma.


The Pay by VIVACOMdigital portfolio makes it possible for users to stay home and not deal with banknotes, coins and cards and thus protect themselves and others from spreading the virus. Pay by VIVACOM enables contactless payments at a POS terminal, online payments via a virtual debit card, and money transfers to a third party. Now VIVACOM is giving its clients yet another reason to pay via the app: the company will donate to the Ministry of Health 1% of every payment made via Pay by VIVACOM in April.


More information about the initiatives and any additional services provided by VIVACOM in connection with the state of emergency can be found here:

https://www.vivacom.bg/bg/donation and https://www.vivacom.bg/bg/home



Payment services via the Pay by VIVACOM app are provided by Paynetics AD, an electronic money company holding a license issued by the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) by Decision No. 44 of 11th April 2016. BTC EAD is a provider of the Pay by VIVACOM app and a representative of Paynetics AD, entered in the BNB register under Article 19 of the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act. Fire is a technical service provider for BTC EAD.\




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