The Praiseworthy Bulgarians

"The Praiseworthy Bulgarians" is one of the most popular and important initiatives organised by the 24 Hours Daily and the Bulgarian National Television for almost 10 years now. Since its creation the campaign has the objective to promote praiseworthy deeds and to distinguish people who rely on their personal qualities in crucial moments, on their talent and generosity, on their bravery and even their intuition to save other people. The 24 Hours Daily presents their remarkable stories on its pages to stir the public interest toward "good deeds".

The first Praiseworthy Bulgarians initiative was organised in 2002. This year and also the next year 2003 it was carried out only on the pages of the 24 Hours Daily without an official winner award ceremony.

In 2004 the campaign ended with an official ceremony for awarding the "Praiseworthy Bulgarians" awards, at which 54 distinguished Bulgarians were served special medals. The Golden Rhyton big prize was granted to Svetlomira Kovacheva from Varna who not only raised money for the treatment of her son suffering from leukaemia but also for the treatment of all the children at the oncology department of the Varna Hospital. 

The ceremony of awarding the praiseworthy Bulgarians and the people who retold their stories in 2004 became a tradition for the next editions of the initiative, organised under the honorary patronage of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria. Since 2006 VIVACOM has become the main partner of the official event.

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