Protected Home TOGETHER

The first six children accommodated at the "Together" protected home opened in November already communicate more easily with the outside world owing to VIVACOM. Each boy received a computer, mobile telephone and a voucher for calls. Additionally, the company provides also one-year subscription for two of the telecom''s fixed plans.

"We believe that providing this donation we help for increasing the opportunities for the children to acquire professional and social skills", shared Simona Charakchieva, Deputy Manager of Public Relations and Corporate Communications at VIVACOM.

The Together Protected Home Project is implemented on an area provided by the Municipality of Bozhurishte, at the school site in the village of Gurmazovo. The village is located 18 km. from the centre of Sofia. The place is easily accessible and it provides opportunities for access to the capital city labour market.

It will accommodate temporarily up to 12 children and single mothers (aged between 19 and 24) who leave the children care institutions due to reaching full age. There, they will receive shelter for a period of one year, acquire basic social skills, be trained to work with a computer and to receive professional and language qualification. According to the Managing Director of the home, Gergana Pozharski, the children will be given day-and-night care from specialists - social workers and psychologists, who will assist them during their stay.

"Additionally, we will assist the young people in searching for job by organising meetings with potential employers", shared also Ms. Pozharevski.

As a result of the Together Protected Home Project between 100 and 400 young people will have the chance to live a just and adequate life taking care for themselves and for their families.

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