‘Hug Me!’ Workshop

2011 started with the announcement of a new socially important project for the VIVACOM Fund. The "Hug Me!" Project is aimed at supporting social inclusion and integration into community life and realisation of young people from the capital city social homes and institutions. A team of professionals trains the youngsters in crafts and artistic skills every day at a specially equipped workshop and in communication skills through individual work with them.

The VIVACOM Fund supports the intensive training of 40 orphans who owing their assiduous work at the workshop develop their personal skills and choose a specific profession or job that makes them more adaptable and competitive in life upon leaving the institutions. The seventeen-year-old Anio is a perfect example about the positive results of working at the workshop. Since 2010 he has been a scholarship winner of the workshop. Every day after school Anio visits the workshop where he draws paintings, makes dolls and cards and learns to communicate.

Priority objectives of the VIVACOM "Hug Me!" workshop for children:

  • Integration of young people in community life
  • Socialisation of children and teenagers with disabilities
  • Development of creative skills in various crafts and artistic skills
  • Ensuring part-time occupation to the youngsters who have shown diligence and talent during their work at the workshop
  • Successful transition from the institutions to independent life
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