Donation campaign – Operation “Spare Change”


VIVACOM started its national fundraising campaign "Spare Change operation". The campaign aims to raise money for the construction of a new temporary foster home for orphans leaving the orphanages after their 18th birthday.More than 20 companies participated in the campaign.


“Spare Change Operation” 2014 was held for the fifth consecutive year. The previous campaigns supported “Hope for the Little Ones” foundation which takes care of abandoned children and babies. For the past four years the initiative raised more than 300 000 BGN which were invested in the construction and maintenance of two foster homes for orphans. The “Little Houses” as they were called, accommodated more than 50 babies during this period and ensured healthy and caring environment for the children before they were adopted.


In 2014 “Spare Change Operation” campaign changed its focus. VIVACOM decided to continue helping disadvantaged children, however it altered the charitable cause. The initiative aimed to raise money for teenage orphans who did not have the chance to be adopted and lived in orphanages by the age of 18.


In order to implement this new social campaign, VIVACOM partnered with the “Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion”. Since 2009 the foundation has opened six temporary foster homes for teenagers around the country. The first “House of Opportunities” in Sofia was built in 2014 however, it was too small to accommodate all the orphans going out of the orphanages in the region. “Spare Change Operation 2014” campaign aims to raise money for the construction of a new temporary foster home in Sofia and thus give a chance to more young people live better life, improve their skills and accomplish a professional career.


The main message of “Spare Change Operation” initiative was that everyone can help these young people by donating his/her spare change or any other amount inspecially designed donation boxes. The campaign was held in November and December and during this periodmore than 3 500 donation boxes were distributed to all VIVACOM retail shops around the country as well as to the shops and offices of the other partners.


At the end of the campaign the collected amount will be doubled by VIVACOM and the other participating companies. In order to facilitate the donation process, additional options for donations were provided: DMS, telephone number, bank account and online platform for donations.


What is unique about this initiative is that VIVACOM not only raised money but it also provided the opportunity for these young people to find a job in the company, acquire professional skills and learn how to behave in a real working environment.


One of the main advantages of this campaign was that more than 20 companies accepted VIVACOM’s invitation to become partners and joined the initiative. In 2014 the participating companies were: Burger King, Carrefour, Dental Clinic Petar Duchev, DHL, Domino’s Pizza, Grand Optics, KOM Mineral water, Joy Optics, Metro Cash and Carry, 1 Minute, Mr. Bricolage, Nestle, Office 1, Onda coffee break, Realy, Renault-Nissan, Technomarket and Technomarket@home. The campaign had also 10 media partners: Darik Radio,, FM+ radio, JC Decaux, Nova TV,, Tema Magazine, Trud Daily and 24 Hours Daily. Thanks to their active participation during the past five years “Spare Change Operation” became one of the most successful and distinguished fundraising campaigns in Bulgaria.



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