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Integrated Report

Integrated Report 2018


We are pleased to present you the third annual VIVACOM Integrated Report. It covers all significant achievements of the company for 2018, viewed in the context of global technology trends and the Bulgarian social and economic realities during this period. We have presented the company’s financial results for 2018 and have united the most important products, services and initiatives we have realized.


The main objective of the Integrated Report is to maintain a high level of transparency for VIVACOM’s activities before all stakeholders, including clients, business partners and suppliers, shareholders, employees, government institutions, the media, NGOs and others. We believe that public reporting of financial and non-financial indicators is at the heart of sustainable business development and is proof that our company [1] follows a long-term strategy for presence on the Bulgarian market. Apart from being the largest telecom in total revenue (for the sixth consecutive year), we strive is to establish ourselves as a technology innovator and trusted partner of the corporate and public sector in the coming era of the Internet of Things.


In 2018, we made a number of technological innovations in the mobile network, such as the launch of an even faster mobile Internet network – 4.5G, and a whole new service – 4G Voice. As a result of our efforts we managed to build the mobile network with the best coverage by population in our country as well as the fastest 4G network [2]. We have also increased the number of households covered with fibre-optic network as well as of those with FTTc (Fiber To The curb) technology to give more people access to high-speed fixed Internet and interactive TV.


True innovations in the past year also happened in the field of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities. At the end of 2017, we were the first telecom in Bulgaria to launch the LoRa network, and in 2018 we launched a number of pilot projects with smart solutions for improving the urban environment. In partnership with other progressive companies, startups and municipalities, we showed how technology can improve parking, traffic urban management, lighting, and even garbage collection. We believe that collaboration between business, entrepreneurs and institutions is the engine for creating a world of connected devices where machines will communicate with each other to make people’s lives better, more comfortable and productive.


Our concrete innovative urban solutions as well as everything most important and interesting about VIVACOM and the telecom sector in 2018 can be found in the report. It has been prepared in accordance with the Reporting Framework published by the International Intelligence Reporting Council (IIRC) and the ‘Core’ option of the GRI Standards Guidelines as well as other relevant guidelines published on this topic. All reported data has been duly reviewed, analyzed and consolidated and fully compliant with our official reports.



[1] The coverage of 4G technology by population was measured by Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) according to their methodology in the period 15.10–15.11.2018.

[2] According to Ookla® analysis based on Speedtest Intelligence® data from tests conducted on the territory of Bulgaria in the third quarter of 2018 for average download speeds in the mobile network. Ookla trademarks are used with permission. 

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