VIVACOM - the Leading Provider of Satellite Services


VIVACOM offers end-to-end solutions for signal acquisition, encoding, encryption, uplink and downlink via satellite with excellent quality and reliability of the provided services. Our main partners for provision of satellite capacity are Intelsat and Eutelsat.


VIVACOM has licence for provision of satellite services N 1610 issued by Communications Regulation Commission in Bulgaria.


The company operates the largest state-of-the-art facility for satellite communications in the region – Plana teleport.  The geographical location of the teleport provides coverage of satellites on orbital positions from 40 W to 90 E. VIVACOM has available uplink and downlink antennas pointed to some of the most popular orbital positions in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


VIVACOM offers satellite services on both the Bulgarian and the international market. Some of our major customers are: Fox International Channels, National Geographic Channel, CME, Telekom Austria, Overon, Communicorp, Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgarian National Television, Darik Radio, as well as many other content providers, telecoms, teleport operators, etc.


VIVACOM has more than 30 years of experience in satellite communications.




VIVACOM operates the largest and most modern satellite communications facility in the region – Plana Teleport. The ground station is located in an especially selected area with minimal rainfall and excellent protection against electromagnetic interference.  The teleport has more than 40 transmit and receive antennas with diameters ranging from 2.4 to 18.3 meters. The satellite visibility arc is 40 W to 90 E. The equipment at the teleport is provided by the leading vendors in the field:


  • Uplink antennas - Vertex and ASC Signal;
  • Downlink antennas - Prodelin;
  • High Power Amplifiers - CPI, Xicom and Advantech;
  • Modulators - Newtec;
  • RF convertors - Miteq;
  • L band distribution system - DEV Systemtechnik;
  • Headend - Harmonic, Cisco, Ericsson;
  • CAS - Irdeto;
  • RF analyzers - Agilent, Rohde & Schwarz, SED;
  • DVB analyzers - Bridgetech;
  • Satellite modems - iDirect, Newtec, Comtech;
  • Power supply - Eaton;


All devices at the teleport are double reserved and are maintained and supervised 24x7 by qualified personnel with substantial experience in satellite communications. The power supply of the teleport is provided through 2 independent 20 kV power lines. The facility is equipped with 20kV/400V transformers, 2 000 kVA diesel generators, and reserved online UPS.


Plana teleport is the first satellite communications facility in Bulgaria inaugurated in 1977 as part of the Intersputnik system. For more than 20 years the station was used for international video sharing of Bulgarian National Television, as well as for international telephone connectivity of Bulgaria. The earth station was nominated for Best teleport in Intersputnik two times. In 1992 Plana teleport became part of the telecommunications network of BTC. The station has been modernised at several stages and is currently the most modern satellite communications facility in the region. As of 2014, Plana is a member of Word Teleport Association, and in 2015 it became Third Party Teleport of the biggest European satellite operator Eutelsat.


Plana teleport is Tier 3 certified by World Teleport Assocciation