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  • Satellite Uplink and Downlink Service

Satellite Uplink and Downlink Service

VIVACOM provides satellite UPLINK and DOWNLINK services for radio and TV channels from satellites between 40W to 90E.


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VIVACOM operates the largest and most modern satellite communications facility in the region – Plana Teleport. The ground station is located on 48 000 m² in a specially selected area with minimal rainfalls and excellent protection against electromagnetic interference. The teleport has more than 50 antennas in L, S, C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka band with diameters ranging from 2.4 to 18.3 meters. The satellite visibility arc is 40° West to 90° East.


All equipment at the teleport is redundant and monitored 24/7 by qualified staff with substantial experience in satellite communications. The power supply of the teleport is provided through 2 independent 20 kV power lines, 20kV/400V transformers, 2 000 kVA diesel generators, and parallel online UPS. VIVACOM partners with leading providers of power supply equipment like Eaton, Orma Zabal and Caterpillar.


The satellite earth station is connected via 2 independent fiber optic routes to the main Points Of Presence (PoP) in Europe. The optical connectivity supports nx 10Gbps via DWDM.


The satellite equipment in the teleport is provided by the world leading companies - General Dynamics, CPI/ASC Signal, Advantech, iDirect, Newtec, SMW, DEV, DataMiner NMS, Harmonic, Appear TV.


Plana teleport is the first satellite communications facility in Bulgaria inaugurated in 1977 as part of the Intersputnik Orbita system. More than 20 years the earth station was used for international video transmission of Bulgarian National Television, as well as for international telephone connectivity of Bulgaria. The ground station was nominated for Best teleport in Intersputnik two times. In 1992 Plana became part of the telecommunications network of BTC. The teleport has been fully upgraded and is currently one of the most modern satellite communication facilities in the region. In 2014 Plana Teleport became a member of the Word Teleport Association and in 2017 it was Tier 3 certified. The ground station is Third Party Teleport of Eutelsat.  



VIVACOM operates more than 10 000 km own terrestrial National Fiber Network


The network is connected to major Points Of Presence (PoP) across Europe with 10 Gbps connections via MPLS. VIVACOM partners in several submarine cable systems - FLAG, COLUMBUS-3, KAFOS, UGARIT, SMW-3. This allows rapid deployment of new services for our customers.


VIVACOM provides connectivity from a customer’s studio or PoP directly to Plana Teleport through secured independent leased lines.