• Playout Services

Playout Services

Vivacom offers  Playout Services

As the television market became more competitive and challenging, broadcasters need to rethink their strategies and find the most appropriate solutions to face the new commercial reality. In order to satisfy the customers’ needs Vivacom offers a complete range of scalable, flexible and innovative Playout solutions. Our technical team will validate, schedule and control the playouts of video and graphics according to the customer defined rules. Vivacom is able to ensure highest operating efficiency for affordable price.  Depending on customer requirements Vivacom provides 2 options for Playout Service:


  • Playout Solution as a Service (PSS) – this is a cloud-based service including playout hardware located at Vivacom technical facility and IP-based tool for content management. This solution enables customers to be creative and focus on content while Vivacom ensures all technical issues. Vivacom partners with one of the world’s leading vendors for  playout solution services - Playbox Technology. The system provides fully automated video processing solution with user-friendly interface on the management tool and reliable 24/7 support.
  • Collation of Playout servers – the customers can collocate their own playout servers. Vivacom provides: rack space, power supply, air-conditioning system, guaranteed Internet access, 24/7 monitoring and support.


Playout services can be provided either as a standalone solution or included to a bundle with satellite services.


For more information please send your enquiry to sat@vivacom.bg


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