• Collocation of satellite equipment

Collocation of satellite equipment

Vivacom offers collocation of customer equipment at the teleport of the company. 

Vivacom provides collocation of satellite equipment at Plana Teleport. The service includes:


  • Collocation of satellite antennas at the teleport antenna field which is located on 60 000 square meters land and is secured 24/7.
  • Collocation of indoor equipment: VSAT hubs, modems, routers, Headend equipment and other hardware in 19'' racks. Vivacom provides also redundant power supply, air conditioning system, fire detection and suppression, guaranteed data links, 24/7 monitoring and highest level of security.
  • As an additional service Vivacom provides “remote control and support” which includes:

            - Visual inspection on indicator lights, alarms for failure and testing of customer equipment;

            - Restart according to customer request;

            - Replacement of modules, chassis, access cards, or slot cards which are pre-supplied by the customer; 


For more information please send your enquiry to sat@vivacom.bg

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