After the opening of the first multi-functional open-air fitness in the centre of Sofia – VIVA Fit, constructed by VIVACOM Fund, VIVACOM continues to support the sport in Bulgaria and in this case outdoor sports. In 2014, open-air fitness centres were constructed in Targovishte, Tutrakan, Vratsa, Kozloduy and Troyan. One more new open-air fitness centre is planned to be open in Veliko Tarnovo.


The open-air fitness centres offer equipment suitable for active sport and complex training of all muscle groups. The machines can be used free of charge and without restrictions by the residents and visitors of all the towns, regardless of their age. For people with disabilities special machines are provided while for the children there are combined machines that can be used by up to 6 kids at a time. The biggest open-air centre is located in Sofia covering an area of 130sq.m. in the park of the monument to the Soviet Army across the street from the Ministry of Physical Education and Sport.


VIVA FIT is one of the biggest projects of VIVACOM Fund for 2011, which is focused on the healthy way of living.

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