Being a leading company offering high quality services for the Bulgarian business, VIVACOM provides long-term support to golf in Bulgaria. The choice of golf is logical for VIVACOM as the company is aimed at being associated with high quality of its services, professionalism and managing challenges.

Up to the present moment the company has organised six tournaments. The latest VIVACOM golf tournament was carried out in September in Ravno Pole and it attracted more than 60 top business representatives from Bulgaria. The golfers contested in three divisions and for the beginners the telecom organised a demonstration with an open lesson, in which all guests could participate.

The idea about the first VIVACOM golf tournament is a logical consequence of the telecom''s policy that respects as its values innovative thinking, dynamic development and honest relations. Golf is a sport for gentlemen and the number of Bulgarians that are united in their passion for it is increasing.

VIVACOM''s vision about the golf tournaments is that the participants are provided the opportunity to play in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere so that they can enjoy themselves and do business at the same time. This way the company is trying to give pleasure and entertainment to the people, all this in a friendly and sportsmanship environment.

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