Since the launch of the initiative in 2009, VIVACOM is a partner of Familathlon – the first ever celebration of family sport in Bulgaria.


The Familathlon initiative includes numerous sports demonstrations and competitions for the whole family throughout the day in the South Park of Sofia. During the whole day competitions are organized for children and adults as well as demonstrations of various sports, charity raffles with prizes, bicycle tours and other fun activities.


One of the most interesting attractions of the sports day is the tour of the “Little Europe” Park. Every year the educational game challenges more than 1500 families to walk the green areas in search of the 28 European capitals and collect stamps at each stop. The most active participants receive gifts for the delight of the children in each family. VIVACOM organizes also the child cycling tour of Familathlon, in which participate a number of the kinder gardens of the capital. The kinder garden which gathered the most participants, wins supplies and a renovation of its courtyard by the volunteers from VIVACOM Cares.


The first Familathlon ever was organized in France by a group of enthusiasts. The basic idea is that the family sport is a very important tool for strengthening the health in the sense of the definition of the World Health Organization for physical, mental and social well-being. Such a holiday is on one hand addressed to the families themselves and on the other – it is an important tool for promotion of the idea of ​​creating favourable conditions for family sport and healthy lifestyle.

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