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About us



Logo elements


The company sign comprises two elements: spherical shape sign (graphic part) and the logotype of VIVACOM (character part). The interconnection between the elements and their proportion is strictly defined and must not be changed.

The graphic part comprises two elements: an orange semi-sphere with a V-shaped upper part and a grey segment, completing the semi-sphere to a sphere. The space between the two elements represents a white stylized letter V, symbolizing the initial letter of the brand.

The character part writes out the name of the company VIVACOM and is used only in Latin letters. By color it is divided in two parts, as the first four letters are orange, and the remaining three are grey.


Minimal clearances


The company sign must be visible enough. That's why the space around it must not be overloaded with text and other graphic elements. The minimal acceptable free area around the logo is shown on the illustration. The dimensions of the clear space are calculated according to "x"- the height of the character part. When the logo is used on a photography background, it must always be placed in least loaded with images zone. Overloading with images or textured backgrounds must be avoided. The aim should always be maximal contrast that will help the readability if the logo.


Corporate colors


The colors of the logo group are defined under PANTONE and must be strictly observed whe applied. The characteristics of the colors under CMYK, RGB and RAL are given for a reference.

The colors given in PANTONE and CMYK are used for printing.

The colors given in RGB are used for digital media only - Powerpoint, WEB, and other applications, intended for monitors.

The colors under RAL are used for materials, made of folia, spray painting etc.