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Integrated report


We work together and stand by the decisions and actions we take. We are responsible for our results.


Our company has well-established traditions in conducting a socially responsible policy, and we have always followed a strategy that supports long-term activities in several selected areas. We believe that this is the way to create the basis for lasting change and sustainable positive results in the chosen spheres.


Education has always been one of our main priorities. Over the years, we have been conducting a variety of campaigns to promote reading and Bulgarian history, to support mathematics and science education. In 2018, we built up all the efforts we have made in this area with the ‘Education 4.0’ initiative. It aims to support the digitization of Bulgarian education and is based on the understanding that the modern generation of children is extremely good at using technology, and these skills can be engaged in the learning process so that it is more interesting and useful and adequately prepares young people for life and for the labour market. Our campaign was supported by ‘24 Hours’ newspaper, the Ministry of Education and Science, Sofia Municipality, Digital National Alliance and a number of organizations working for the modernization of the Bulgarian schools. We attracted 700 active participants to a total of 5 thematic events and popularized the cause through more than 150 media publications.


Our socially responsible policy is reflected in every company activity, including the organization of our internship program, through which we pass on skills and experience to future generations of professionals. Each year we organize a volunteer action for participants in the summer internship campaign. In 2018, more than 80 interns participated in the cleaning and restoration of benches, gazebos and eco trails in Zlatnite Mostove area in Vitosha mountain.


The health and safety of our employees is one of our main responsibilities. In 2018:

  • There were no fatal accidents with employees;
  • 28 employees were trained to provide first aid by the Bulgarian Red Cross;
  • 639 employees were trained to ensure healthy and safe working conditions;
  • 2,771 employees have undergone prophylactic medical examinations carried out in 38 cities across the country.