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Integrated report


We have the courage to do things in a new way, with a positive and professional attitude. Challenges stimulate and motivate us.


Our company ranks among the largest employers in Bulgaria with 5,433 employees scattered in 130 points across the country. We believe that they are the best ambassadors of our products and services to the outside world. Fulfilled and committed employees are a guarantee for more and more satisfied customers. That is why caring for them is one of VIVACOM's permanent priorities.


We are conducting a variety of initiatives to motivate employees in the company, thanks to which we have achieved a 4% increase in employee engagement in 2018 compared to 2017.


We promoted 380 employees.


We have introduced an innovative approach for attracting the best employees to the company – video advertisements.


We retain young talents – 39% of the participants in the summer internship program stayed with the company.


We implement the concept of lifelong learning and created our own new brand that combines all trainings – VIVACOM Academy.


100% of our employees have undergone at least one e-training.


We created an entirely new retention and development program for managers.


We believe we can inspire the young generation with the vast world of technology. We became a partner of events for first steps of children in programming – Megadojo 1.0 and 2.0 with the participation of 80 mentors, 5 schools, 110 volunteers, 3 robots and over 1,000 children from all across the country.