Integrated report


We do things in a new way, striving for even more professional attitude and satisfied customers.


  • One of the largest employers in the country with a total of 5,038 employees.
  • Nearly 30% of them have more than 20 years of experience in the company.
  • 226 people promoted in 2020.
  • Newly hired people for the period – 545.
  • The 17th edition of the Summer Internship Program took place with the participation of 60 interns in 18 directorates at the company.
  • After the end of the program, 35% of the participants remained in a permanent position with the company.
  • 5 students successfully graduated from Vivacom Technical Academy, and 63% of applicants for internships or jobs continue their career development in the company.
  • We supported the contest ‘My right to opinion. My causes on social networks’, organized by UNICEF, the Association of European Journalists in Bulgaria, the youth media ‘Teen Station’ and ‘Resonator’.
  • We supported the LobsterLand exhibition of contemporary British artist Philip Colbert at the Structure Gallery.





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