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We create new opportunities. We turn technologies into innovative solutions that make life easier and more exiting.



VIVACOM strives to be not only a trusted provider of standard telecom solutions, but also a technology innovator in the upcoming era of the Internet of Things. We keep track of the global trends and forecasts and look for the most appropriate smart services for Bulgarian reality. We partner with a variety of organizations, start-ups, entrepreneurs and municipalities to create an effective ecosystem for development of technologies that will improve people’s lives.


In 2018 we created:

  • VIVA Smart – an entirely new platform for IoT services in 3 directions: Smart City, Data Centres and Digital Education;
  • VIVA Smart City – a smart solution for urban improvement with 13 different modules in the areas of mobility, environment, energy, safety, management;
  • Solution for smart parking in Burgas Municipality;
  • Pilot project for smart garbage collection in Plovdiv municipality;
  • Smart Data Hub – a platform for complete storage, transmission, processing and data usage with a total of 11 data centres.


We also work actively to introduce innovation in education. In 2018 we continued to build digital classrooms and by the end of the year more than 220 schools and more than 90 kindergartens throughout the country were equipped with such. With our partners, we trained more than 6,000 teachers to work with the new technologies.


We built Wi-Fi networks in over 100 schools.


And to be as close as possible to our customers, we created an account on the most modern social network – Instagram: