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  • Vivacom is the leading telecommunications operator in Bulgaria for 2020 on the basis of total revenues – BGN 1,022.8 million.
  • Adjusted profit before interest, taxes and amortization increased by 3.2% compared to the previous period – to BGN 461.5 million.
  • 8% of all our mobile subscribers are customers of fixed-term contracts.
  • The total number of fixed broadband Internet subscribers recorded an increase by 3.5% to 475 thousand.
  • The total number of pay-TV subscribers recorded an increase by 5.4% to 516 thousand.
  • Our mobile network has proven to be the fastest in Europe, scoring the highest Speed ScoreTM, based on Ookla's rigorous analysis of user-initiated Speedtest® tests.
  • We launched the first commercial 5G network in Bulgaria, in the central parts of all 27 regional cities.
  • The company's optical network covered 1,266,000 households at the end of the year. We launched our 10 Gigabit optical network.
  • We transformed our Smart and i-Traffic mobile plans to enable users to access richer content.
  • The company also started offering the innovative e-SIMm service.
  • We implemented a new interface and functionalities of interactive and satellite television.
  • We launched the digital wallet Pay by Vivacom.
  • We started a key partnership with the leading technology brand Apple.





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