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Integrated report


We anticipate and respect customers’ expectations. We achieve results quickly and of high quality within a competitive environment.


The telecom sector is one of the most dynamically developing and in order to maintain our leadership position, we constantly monitor consumer attitudes and market trends.


In 2018, we conducted a marketing survey on ‘Positioning of Telecommunication Companies’, which showed that VIVACOM is the preferred company of consumers for whom the family is one of the core values along with communication, positivism and honesty.


We achieved the highest score for the telecom sector for the whole of 2018 in the primary metrics for TV commercials – SOS vs SOV (Share of Spending/Share of Voice) – 3%.


And we marked growth in NPS (Net Promoter Score) for all key services – mobile voice, mobile Internet, home Internet and television – measured for the second quarter of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017.


To meet the requirements of one of the most dynamic sectors of the market, we strive to build on not only the quality but also the content of the services we offer. In 2018, we changed the look of our own movie channel – VIVACOM Arena, and it is already broadcasting all its content in FULL HD quality.


To constantly maintain our high level of expertise, we exchange experiences with a number of international organizations and participate actively in events and meetings such as the ETNO annual meeting and IT Hub Connect. In 2018 we hosted the first for Sofia and second for the region telecom event – iCU Sofia 2018, which gathered digital experts from all over the world.


As a responsible company we also supported one of the most dynamic sports – rhythmic gymnastics and its World Championship, which took place in Sofia in 2018.