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We research the attitudes and expectations of customers and provide what they need. We maintain our leadership position in a competitive environment.


From the first day of the declared state of emergency, the company has taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of its employees, customers and partners without violating its high standards of telecom services and customer service.


For all actions taken, Vivacom received an award at the official ceremony of the Annual National Awards for Safety and Health at Work – 2020.


A nationally representative survey showed that Vivacom scores the highest Net Promoter Score compared to its main competitors for all fixed services surveyed – TV, home Internet, and bundled services.


In terms of mobile services, Vivavom is a leader in the Net Promoter Score indicator compared to the other major telecoms on the market, offering all fixed and mobile services:

  • Mobile services: 56 points
  • Home Internet: 71 points
  • Television: 74 points
  • Bundled services: 72 points


In terms of brand recognition, Vivacom shows excellent results – this is the most spontaneously mentioned brand when asked for a provider of mobile, Internet and TV services.





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