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VSAT Services


With VSAT connectivity demands constantly increasing, comes the need for a secure and reliable VSAT service provider. Here at Vivacom, we focus exactly on offering our customers a solution that will surpass their expectations. Vivacom’s secure and reliable solutions support both fixed and maritime VSAT applications. Check out the map below to find out more about our coverage!




Click on the sliders below to play with our interactive coverage map and find out which satellite will suit your needs



Express AM8
Express AM6
Eutelsat 70E
Eutelsat 21E


Vivacom provides Maritime VSAT services through the latest iDirect DVB-S2x platform.
We offer:


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Fixed VSAT Service

Fixed VSAT

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Maritime VSAT Service

Maritime VSAT

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Fixed VSAT

Vivacom offers VSAT services for remote sites as well. This option is often used for long-term projects where there is no need for constant equipment compensations in terms of antenna movement. This results in lower upfront costs and easier maintenance of the equipment. Land VSAT is frequently used for governmental projects, remote outposts and mining or construction camps.

Key features of our Fixed VSAT Service:

  • Global coverage
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and great customer support
  • Tailor made flexible packages, depending on customer needs
  • Guaranteed capacity
  • Optional 256 AES satellite link encryption
  • Customer web portal for monitoring internet speeds and other parameters



A reliable equipment is a vital part of providing a quality VSAT service. We are open to work with customer’s equipment if it is suitable, or we can support you in providing the necessary equipment.

Fixed VSAT pic 1 Fixed VSAT pic 2Fixed VSAT pic 3 Fixed VSAT pic 4

Maritime VSAT cover

Maritime VSAT

Vivacom provides Maritime VSAT solutions for high-speed internet connectivity at sea. Having a pristine VSAT service for your vessel is key in today’s world. Such services will give you the ability to operate at guaranteed speeds, help your vessels with ensuring high-quality communication in emerging situations and the possibility of constant contact between offshore, and onshore. In addition, maritime VSAT can help you optimize costs and give you the ability to continuously monitor your vessels’ performance.

Key features of our Mobile VSAT Service:

  • Reliable internet service
  • Various packages, depending on customer needs
  • Automatic beam-switching
  • Customer portal for monitoring of vessels speeds and other parameters
  • Optional Global coverage solution
  • Tailor made flexible airtime contracts
  • Affordable & unlimited data backup services
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and great customer support
  • Voice over IP calls



A reliable equipment is a must for a high-quality stable VSAT service. The VSAT antennas and supporting equipment should respond for taking into account sea conditions and making the appropriate changes, thus ensuring stability of the terminal in the direction of satellite in case of waves and severe conditions. Vivacom offers attractive options for equipment lease.

Maritime VSAT pic 1 Maritime VSAT pic 2Maritime VSAT pic 3 Maritime VSAT pic 4
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