VIVACOM launches the first Bulgaria 5G network in all 27 district centers of the country

VIVACOM launches the first Bulgaria 5G network in all 27 district centers of the countryX




21.09.2020 Sofia Today VIVACOM launches its 5G network. For the first time in Bulgaria the 5G network is now available to customers simultaneously in all 27 dustrict centers. Every customer of VIVACOM with compatible 5G terminal can test the new technology completely free untill the end of the year. In that period Vivacomgives 30 000 MB per month of mobile internet traffic at maximum speed in addition to their subsctiption data allowance to its existing and new customers, so that all can experience the benefits of 5G. The additional data allowance will be activated automatically for all subscribers, who have a compatible 5G device to our new 5G network. After Ookla¹ speed test award for being the fastest mobile network in Europe, Vivacom is moving customer experience to the new level by introducing the first 5G network in Bulgaria.

This is the first stage of the introduction of the new technology, which will provide coverage in the central urban areas of all regional centers. The new technology works simultaneously in the same frequency for both 4G and 5G. To achieve this, the company has used the method of dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS).


As a next step, VIVACOM will work to expand coverage and increase the 5G speed. The company will participate also in future tenders for a new frequency spectrum to ensure needed resources and continue to be the mobile operator of choice for citizens of Bulgaria.


The fifth generation network provides higher speed, lower latency and more connected devices.Users can benefit from data transfer with low latency, which is an important condition for the development of areas such as telemedicine, digital education, gaming, automated production and others.


Thanks to the higher capacity of the fifth generation network, customers get a more reliable connection, especially in places with high density of people. For the business customers and government institutions, this means much faster and better e-services, smart city and smart home solutions.

"The era of high-speed connectivity, which is introduced today in Bulgaria, will open the door to unexplored opportunities for innovation in all areas of life. As the leading telecommunications company, VIVACOM has a key role in ensuring this connectivity and associated services. The fifth generation network will facilitate the creation of new businesses, professions and business models and will be an important driver of the country growth. We will continue to invest in the development and introduction of the most modern technologies in order to maintain our leading position as the fastest mobile network in Europe¹ ", said Radoslav Zlatkov, Chief Technical Officer of VIVACOM.


Gradually, the company''s product portfolio will be enriched with more 5G devices from all the leading manufacturers.

More information about the 5G network - opportunities and conditions of use, you can see here:




¹Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data Q1–Q2 2020. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission. Мore information about VIVACOM’s mobile network:

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