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Supporting our customers during COVID-19 outbreak

We help you stay connected with

your families, friends and work colleagues

during these challenging times.



At VIVACOM, we understand the importance of uninterrupted communications in times of crisis. They allow us to keep in touch with our loved ones and ensure that the government and health authorities can provide timely updates to the public. We have taken several steps to make this period as comfortable for our customers as possible.



Coping with the increased demand

As a leading telecommunications provider in Bulgaria, VIVACOM is well equipped to handle the increased surge in demand. With some of the fastest network speeds and the largest network coverage in Bulgaria, we are well placed to meet the increased demand.


Measures for our customers

We have updated our services to offer additional support to our customers in these times of need.




    We have increased, at no extra cost, mobile data allowances for our customers


    ⬤  Additional 10 000 MB at maximum speed, valid for 30 days.


    ⬤  Every weekend 2 000 MB at maximum speed, valid until 10 May.

    This package can only be used on weekends. Data unspent during the weekend is lost after the date indicated above.


    ⬤  Each customer who has paid their monthly invoice through My VIVACOM mobile app or re-charged a prepaid card will receive an additional package of 2 000 MB at maximum speed. The data can be transferred to family or friends.


    Download My VIVACOM mobile app from Google Play & App Store to take advantage of our special packages.


  • TV services

    ⬤  All Satellite TV (DTH) users will be offered access to additional media services (more than 145+ TV channels) free of charge. The offer is valid until 13 May.


      ○  All channels included in the TV 2L

      ○  Additional pack MAX Sport Plus



    ⬤  To facilitate home entertainment, all Interactive TV (IPTV) users will be offered access to additional media services free of charge. The offer is valid until 13 May.


      ○  MAXI movie pack which includes hundreds of movies of different genres;

      ○  Disney English series for kids who can learn English at home with their favourite Disney characters;

      ○  Nickelodeon On Demand and Disney On Demand for kids to watch their favourite content when they want;

      ○  Discovery On Demand, including: Discovery, TLC, Investigation Discovery and Discovery Science channels;

      ○  Hustler On Demand



  • Fixed services

    As a socially responsible company, VIVACOM provides facilitations for disadvantaged people as they have a special need for support in situations of isolation caused by a state of emergency.


    ⬤  To communicate with their family all social fixed voice packs gets additional 300 national minutes valid until 13th of May:


      ○  Disabled 160

      ○  Disabled 300

      ○  Limited plan

      ○  VIVAFIX Special

  • Online store

    24/7 shopping from the safety of your home

    ⬤  Extra offers for mobile voice service users when re-signing a contract – Take a look at what we have available for you now


    ⬤  Great prices on phones – A chance to buy great devices at great prices


    ⬤  Additional gifts


      ○  Memory Card Gift – We’ll give you a memory card with every online purchase that includes a mobile service.

      ○  External Battery for Selected Smartphones – We’ll give you an external battery when you buy selected smartphones.


    ⬤  Fast, easy and free delivery – For orders placed on a business day, your purchase will be delivered to you within 48 hours.


    ⬤  Secure payment by card or upon delivery – Choose the payment method that works for you.


    ⬤  14 days cancellation time – You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days after signing the contract and/or after the delivery of the goods you have ordered.


    Buy online

  • Online payments

    We care about your wellbeing and suggest you use one of the following online channels to pay your bills instead of visiting our stores:


    ⬤  Mobile app My VIVACOM – desktop version also available


    ⬤  E-banking applications -, online banking of commercial banks


    ⬤  We encourage you to be responsible and use our digital portfolio Pay by VIVACOM to limit the exchange of banknotes and coins between you and other people.


  • Contacts


    We are known for our exceptional consumer service. You can get in touch with our teams here


  • Social responsibility


     Donation of 900 000

    VIVACOM and United Group donated BGN 900,000 to the Ministry of Health to help preventing the spread of COVID-19. A couple of days before, the Ministry announced a donation campaign, which aims to raise 5 million BGN by sending an SMS with text DMS SOLIDARNOST to short number 17777. The donation is almost 1/5 of the required funds. With the money we are helping the Ministry of Health in its efforts to provide the most urgent needs of the hospitals during the spread of the COVID-19 infection.


    ⬤ Donation of 500 tablets to the Ministry of Education and Science

    VIVACOM donated 500 tablets for distance learning to the Ministry of Education and Science. Thus, we will contribute to the inclusion of all students and teachers to the distance online education, which the emergency situation imposed.



    ⬤ Donation of April’s monthly bills

    VIVACOM will donate the amount of all first monthly fees of all newly activated services on subscription during April, to support all medical centers and Bulgarian medics in the fight against COVID-19. We will also donate the doubled monthly fee for all services, activated online during the same period. The accumulated sum and its distribution will be announced in the beginning of May.



    ⬤  Donation of 1% of all payments through PAY


    VIVACOM provides its clients with one more reason to pay with the app Pay by VIVACOM – we will donate 1% of the sum of each payment made through the application during April, to the Ministry of Health. Thus, we are all joining the common effort to cope with the virus.


    ⬤ Possibility for our users to donate directly to the Ministry of Health using Pay


    Our digital wallet Pay by VIVACOM gives our users the opportunity to donate directly to the Ministry of Health with one click. This way, everyone could contribute in any way they can, to the efforts of the Bulgarian medics in the current critical situation.