VIVA Cognita

Education has become a main focus of VIVACOM’s corporate social responsibility. The company has made a decision to initiate and support long-term programs in this field as it believes that good and modern education is vital for Bulgaria’s future. VIVACOM wants to encourage young people to continue their university education in Bulgaria and later find professional realization and career development in the country.


For the first time, in collaboration with the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria, VIVACOM implemented a pilot project for innovative teaching of mathematics and informatics in schools. The online platform VIVA Cognita is available free of charge to all students in the country. The main purpose of the platform is to encourage children to become interested in science as well as to facilitate the process of learning by using computers and new technologies. Moreover the platform motivates children to take part in various competitions and thus demonstrate their acquired knowledge.


VIVA Cognita also gives teachers various incentives to use innovative teaching approaches and develop extracurricular activities as form of training. The platform started with its first online competition VIVA Olympiad in November 2014 with more than 1 200 participants, answering questions related to Bulgarian history. The first online mathematics competition called VIVA Mathematics took place in December 2014 and was developed specially for students.


VIVACOM’s objective is to play an important role in raising a generation prepared to solve complex engineering, technological and applied science problems. By helping student create and implement their ideas as well as developing various projects in the field of applied sciences, VIVACOM can contribute to the development of the Bulgarian economy and business environment.



Functionalities of VIVA Cognita


  • conducting public and private discussions
  • organizing and conducting events, contests and competitions
  • virtual tutorials (virtual classroom)
  • a series of video lessons and sharing knowledge on various media  
  • development of ideas, mentoring and support in the creation of innovative products.
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