"The Swiss with Bulgarian heart" movie

The documentary "The Swiss with Bulgarian heart" is the latest project realized in partnership with "Bulgarian history"association. The film is dedicated to the life and work of the Swiss sports pedagogue Louis Ayer, who devoted his entire life to Bulgaria.


Louis Ayer‘s Bulgarian history began in 1894 when a group of foreign teachers arrived in the country. They were invited by the Minister of Education to teach sports discipline and body improvement toBulgarian youths.


Louis Ayer was the founder of the first sports schools in Bulgaria where he trained hundreds of young people. His work was not only dedicated to teaching sports practices in schools but he also encouraged other values such as patriotism and devotion. Later Ayer became a volunteer in the Bulgarian army and participated in the Balkan Wars alongside Bulgarian legions.


The documentary "The Swiss with Bulgarian heart" reveals valuable interviews with Louis Ayer’s grandchildren as well as archival footage and expert analysis on the history of sports in Bulgaria. The film aims to show the exceptional life of a foreigner who became a Bulgarian in his heart and remained so until the end of his life.


The official premiere took place on October 14,2014 at Mall Serdika in Sofia and then continued with a major tour all over the country. The film was screened in 20 cities and reached an audience of 3500 spectators.

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