On the occasion of Children’s Day on 1st of June 2013, VIVACOM, in partnership with the National Aprilov High-school in Gabrovo, organized the first online mathematics tournament in Bulgaria. The competition allowed 20 students of the high-school to test their knowledge and skills using the mobile application MatheMania. They competed in real time using tablets provided by VIVACOM, solving various mathematical problems. The top 3 placed students received special awards. The tournament demonstrated the benefits of using technology in modern education and presented an innovative approach how to make the learning process enjoyable, thus provoking the motivation and interest of students to acquire further knowledge.


MatheMania is one of the winners of the fourth edition of the 54-hour StartUp weekend, which took place at the head-office of VIVACOM in April 2013. The project won second place in the competition and received the telecom operator support for its realization. The MatheMania application is available for download from the largest hub for Android applications in the Bulgaria – VIVA Apps. The application became extremely popular and in just 10 days after uploading it in VIVA Apps 45,000 entries and over 700 downloads were recorded.


“MatheMania is a unique mathematical game that connects participants from all over the world to compete in real time. Players create their profile and participate in tournaments, earn points, win prizes and have fun. The game presents problems of various types and difficulty for quick calculation and response, suitable for students, parents, teachers and people interested in self – improvement” – said Darin Madjarov, one of the founders of the mobile application. He is also the founder of the online platform “” (I learn), which gained significant popularity in Bulgaria. offersover 3,000 video lessons in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English and others with over 6 million views.

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