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our country. Therefore, during the Bulgarian

Presidency of the Council of the European Union,

Bulgaria made a first step towards integrating

the countries of the Western Balkans into the

values of the Union. Thanks to our strong political

commitment, we were able to sign memoranda with

neighbouring countries for reduction of international

roaming tariffs for telecoms services. Agreements

have encouraged telecom operators to take step-by-

step action to achieve price levels similar to those in

the European Union. Bulgarian telecom companies

have offered special conditions for our western

neighbours and are already reporting increasing

calls and access to the Internet. Improving access to

these services plays an important role in facilitating

economic and social interactions both in trade and

in travel to these countries. A study of the possibility

of a common international roaming space between

the European Union and the Eastern Partnership

countries is underway.

In 2018, telecoms began to implement a number of

concrete projects for the digitalization of society,

economy and everyday life, in close partnership

with the administration. This is an example of

effective cooperation aimed at implementing

Europe’s digital strategy post-2020 and improving

digital skills. All this helps to ensure that citizens,

businesses and administrations make the most of

the enormous opportunities offered by digitization.

Telecommunication connectivity is becoming increasingly

important in the technological development of the economy

and society. Digital technologies have led Europe and the

world to a stage that completely changes business models,

social relationships, policies and visions in all spheres of


With the massive penetration of 5G networks and services,

there is another technological leap ahead of which we have

to be ready in advance. That is why our efforts in recent

years have been aimed at improving the connectivity of the

regions, not only in transport but also in communication.

With the Internet getting more and more into our daily

lives, it is important to provide a high-speed network to the

most remote and sparsely populated areas in the country

as well. In this respect, the example of companies like

VIVACOM and the good practices they apply are a valuable


These processes should not be encapsulated only within

Rossen Jeliazkov:

The example of companies

like VIVACOM and the good

practices they apply are a

valuable resource

Rossen Jeliazkov,

Minister of Transport, Information Technology

and Communications