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Known today as one of the most innovative

technology leaders in Bulgaria under the VIVACOM

brand, ‘Bulgarian Telecommunication Company’

was established as an autonomous organization in

1992 after the division of the state-owned company

‘Bulgarian Posts and Telecommunications’. Back in

history, the organization can proudly claim to be the

successor to Pleven's postal, telegraphic, telephone and

radio station – the first communication infrastructure

in Bulgaria, founded in 1879. Following its 140-year

traditions and experience and going through various

transformations, our company is ready to meet the

challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) – a trend

that permanently becomes a part of our lives. The

world of connected devices and smart technologies is

undoubtedly the new major worldwide revolution and

Bulgaria will not lag behind it thanks to the modern

technology visionaries, including VIVACOM.

Our company has established itself on the Bulgarian

market as a trusted supplier of a complete portfolio

of telecom solutions for the needs of every household,

business or institution. We offer mobile and fixed voice

services, high-speed mobile and fixed broadband,

interactive and satellite TV. We are constantly striving

to expand our range of services to ensure maximum

convenience to our customers. In the past year, we

have included products such as compulsory Third Party

Liability insurance for vehicle owners. For the needs

of our business customers, we offer specialized M2M

solutions as well as technologies developed specifically

for their field and scale of business.

Our wide range of services is complemented by a wide

portfolio of devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops

and technological accessories in all price categories,

updated according to the global trends and needs of

Bulgarian consumers.

Focus in our entire strategy in 2018 was the

development of so-called ‘Smart’ or intelligent

solutions for corporate clients and state institutions

with a leading accent on ‘Smart City’ services for

Bulgarian municipalities. Our company united all of its

products in these areas into a single platform – VIVA

SMART, which offers services in three directions: smart

cities, digital education and cloud solutions via a data

center system.

Along with these services, VIVACOM is distinguished by

terrestrial and satellite broadcasting and transmission,

which it implements via its own satellite station ‘Plana’.

Teleport is one of the world's most modern facilities of

this type, as evidenced by the full international Tier 3

certificate. Satellite services bring our company to the

international market, with more than 200 radio and

TV channels broadcasted and transmitted every day to

Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

All the innovations in our product and service portfolio

have been made possible by the high quality of the

network and the technological infrastructure we

support. In 2018 VIVACOM was once again awarded

as the company with the fastest mobile network in

Bulgaria for the third quarter of 2018, according to the

Ookla® Speedtest Intelligence® information analysis.

For us a guiding principle in the development of services

always has been to offer them with similar parameters

to our customers across the country, whether they are

located in big cities or in small and remote settlements.

This is an expression of our understanding that in

order for the company to develop sustainably, it must

contribute to the sustainable development of society

as a whole. Technology is precisely the instrument that

can give equal chance for prosperity to people in every

part of the country. Our efforts to ensure equal access

to high-speed mobile broadband have been assessed

by the global leader in Global Wireless Solutions (GWS).

According to their report at the end of 2018, the 4G

network of VIVACOM once again had the highest result

in the country for coverage by population– 99.25% .

During the reported year, the company has also made

a lot of effort in increasing the number of settlements

with access to high-speed fixed broadband. A total of

1,182,000 households can now take advantage of its

benefits as well as to watch interactive TV.

All these achievements were realized in the extremely

dynamic telecom market in Bulgaria, which in 2018

was marked by two significant changes in our

main competitors. Mtel, part of Telecomm Austria’s

international group, was fully re-branded and

marketed under the A1 brand, which was accompanied

by an intensive communication campaign throughout

the year. The other major player in the mobile segment,


Who we are

Telenor, has changed its ownership and is no longer

a part of the eponymous Norwegian headquarters,

but of the PPF Group, which operates in 22 countries.

In these conditions of serious changes in the whole

sector, VIVACOM managed to maintain its stable

position and to continue the positive tendency of the

last years by becoming for sixth consecutive year the

number one operator in total revenue in Bulgaria. Our

customer base in the most key segments, such as

mobile services, high-speed Internet and interactive

TV, is growing. This is a proof of the consumer’s trust

in us and the quality of our products, services and

networks, as well as of the high level of customer

experience we provide.



According to Ookla® analysis based on Speedtest Intelligence® data from tests

conducted on the territory of Bulgaria in the third quarter of 2018 for average

download speeds in the mobile network. Ookla trademarks are used with permission.

More information at



The measurement of the coverage of 4G technology by population was done by Global

Wireless Solutions (GWS) according to their methodology in the period 15.10–15.11.2018.

More information about the VIVACOM survey and mobile network at


BTC EAD Headquarters address:

115 I, Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.,



5 433


BGN 948


total revenue


telecom services –

Bulgaria;satellite data ser

vices –

Europe, Asia, Africa