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practice how technology can improve parking, traffic

management, lighting and even garbage collection. We

believe that cooperation between business, entrepreneurs

and institutions is the engine of creating a world of

connected devices where machines will communicate with

each other to make people’s lives better.

My expectations for this year are for us to get out of the

test phase of Smart City services and move on to their

tangible commercial offering and wider deployment in

companies and municipalities. From our work to date with

local administrations, it is clear that Bulgarian cities are

not lagging behind the global trends and are ready to use

new technologies in order to improve the environment and

lives of their citizens and guests.

In VIVACOMwe also apply these technologies in our own

processes. The company is currently digitizing its internal

systems and processes. We are changing our way of work

too, so that everything for our customers becomes faster

and easier. For example, we launched the My VIVACOM

application, which allows our subscribers to manage

their services themselves. We laid the foundations for a

complete transformation of the company, and I believe

that in 2019 consumers will feel the real benefits of this for


Most noticeably this change is felt by the young people

who are currently studying or starting to work. They grow

into a world dominated by technology, and the inability

to use its potential means they are facing a failure. The

key to their successful realization is education that meets

modern labour market requirements and is based on new


As a company, we believe that we have responsibility for

the growth of young people in the country and see our

contribution in the introduction of technology in school.

Thus, learning will be more interesting, useful and, most

importantly, effective, by preparing modern children

with real knowledge and skills to enter their active life

stage. With a number of partners involved with the topic

of education, we launched the ‘Education 4.0’ initiative,

which aims to help the digitization of Bulgarian secondary

education. At the same time, we constantly train ours

about 5,000 employees to be informed and professionally

prepared in this dynamically developing field.

The changes we are already witnessing will happen even

more rapidly in the coming years. Practice shows that

every next technology – 2G, 3G, 4G – took less time to be

massively adopted than the previous one. We expect 5G

to become a reality in Bulgaria in 2020-2021. This is the

network that will transform our lives as did the mobile

phones appearance some 20 years ago.

VIVACOM is ready for this new, exciting world. Howwe

have done so far, what are our goals for the coming years

and what we will offer our customers in the high-tech

future can be read on the following pages.

Yours faithfully,

Dear readers,

In front of you is VIVACOM’s Integrated Annual Report for

2018. The report reflects all significant achievements of

the company for this period as well as the leading global

trends in technology development. You will find answers

to questions about why analysts talk about the amount

of information measured in zettabites, and where this

information will be stored, how smart systems in cities will

solve the problems of growing urbanization and what new

business models will trigger the digitization of industries.

2018 was the year in which 5G came out of the ‘dream’

stage and became a reality. The first fifth-generation

network became a fact in the US, and the theme of its

building on the Old Continent took an important place in

the European Union’s agenda.

What is 5G and what will it give us? Fifth-generation

networks make it possible to connect many more devices

at a same time. This way they will not only provide more

capacity for smartphone and tablet users, but will also

boost business growth. These networks will allow easier

automation of the production process, and high speeds

and instantaneous data transmission will open up the

possibility of developing entirely new niches such as

autonomous vehicles, use of robots in different spheres,

remote medical procedures, etc. Under the conditions of

total digitization, for people will remain the creative and

highly qualified work, which will mean better pay, higher

satisfaction and, respectively, improvement of socio-

economic status of societies.

In these conditions of dynamic change, Bulgaria is one of

the countries with the best indicators for quality of telecom

services. We have traditionally been at one of the leading

places for speed and coverage on both the fixed broadband

Internet and mobile network.

I can proudly say that our industry is one of the driving

forces of the Bulgarian economy. VIVACOM is a leader in

the development and introduction of modern technologies

with investments of BGN 187 million just for 2018 and over

BGN 1 billion for the last five years.

Thanks to our strategy for long-term and sustainable

development of infrastructure and services we have

succeeded in building the mobile network with the best

coverage of the population in our country as well as the

fastest 4G network . These investments made it possible in

2018 to have the mobile Internet traffic on 4G to surpass

that on 3G. This was the year in which 4G ceased to be

innovation and become a technology that consumers

rely on and use on a daily basis. To offer even more

opportunities to our customers, we also launched 4.5G with

even higher mobile Internet speeds, as well as 4G Voice

service for crystal clear calls through LTE.

True innovations in the past year happened in the field

of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities. After the end

of 2017, when we were the first telecom in Bulgaria to

launch LoRa network, in 2018 we realized a number of

pilot projects with smart solutions for improving the

urban environment. In partnership with other progressive

companies, start-ups and municipalities, we showed in

Atanas Dobrev:

Our industry is one of

the driving forces of the

Bulgarian economy

Atanas Dobrev

Chief Executive Officer of VIVACOM



The coverage of 4G technology by population was measured by Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) according to their methodology in the period 15.10–15.11.2018.


According to Ookla® analysis based on Speedtest Intelligence® data from tests conducted on the territory of Bulgaria in the third quarter of 2018 for average download

speeds in the mobile network. Ookla trademarks are used with permission. More information at