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What is the VivaMail service?

VivaMail is the hosted email service of VivaCom with mobile push functionality.
It is based on Microsoft Exchange technology with Activesync push email connectivity and is currently offered to Vivamail mobile subscribers with bundled data traffic.

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Does VivaMail offer more functionality than a free e-mail service?

Yes, it does offer much more:

  • You have full mobile access to your existing and your new Exchange mailbox through Activesync push synchronization (or via POP3 pull)
  • You can use your own domain (eg:, essential to create your own professional business image.
  • There are additional functions like integrated calendar, contact list, task- and notes folder, accessible via Outlook Web Access
  • In case of the Advanced and Premium packages:
    - full Outlook client with secure SSL protected access from anywhere without a VPN client
    - shared calendar, address book and tasks within the company
  • Premium and customizable virus and spam filtering
  • 99,99% service availability
  • Local support from Vivacom

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Can I use my own company domain with the VivaMail service?

Yes, you can either use your own registered domain name or ask for a VivaMail subdomain (like

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Is it secure to let Vivacom see my personal/business information?

It is absolutely secure as Vivacom does NOT see any of your information. All your data is transferred through secured channels and stored in professional server farms located in geographically distributed locations. It is guaranteed that your information is only visible by you and available for you.

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Can I add e-mail aliases?

Yes, in VivaMail's Control Panel you can easily add arbitrary number of aliases for free.
To access the Control Panel please log on at

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What are the main differences between the Vivamail service and an on-premise Exchange setup?


VivaMail provides significantly more than most corporate Exchange installations:

  • Activesync push email support with end to end SSL encryption
  • Outlook Anywhere support (for VivaMail Advanced and Premium)
  • Outlook Web Access (webmail) with SSL protection from any Internet browser
  • Polling of external mailboxes: you can fetch email via POP3 or IMAP4 from existing email accounts over the Internet (and push those messages to your mobile via Activesync)


There is no investment into hardware and software, no ongoing support costs, no need to pay for IT experts. Instead you pay a simple per user monthly fee for the service and everything else will be taken care by Vivacom and its partners. In most cases the total cost of ownership of the Vivamail service is significantly less than an on-site installation with internal support.

Operation, support

In case of VivaMail all IT operational tasks are handled by professionals and partners of Vivacom and no Exchange and security experts are needed at the customer.  Support for end-users is provided around the clock and there are easy to understand user guides available.


On-premise servers are likely to be less reliable. Vivacom guarantees 99,99% service availability which exceeds most in-house solutions and is backed by a failure and disaster tolerant infrastructure.

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Can I administer the email accounts of my company?

In the initial release of the service VivaMail support team is creating all mailboxes for you and your employees, but soon afterwards the self administration option will be offered as well, which will allow to add additional mailboxes or modify/delete existing ones. Also it will allow you - the company administrator - to create groups and add external contacts to your company address book.

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How many mailboxes can be created per company?

There is no limit on the number of mailboxes for a single company, we can support up to several thousand mailboxes for a single company.

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How can I change my password?

Please login at page, select Control Panel and then Change Password!
Alternatively you can do the same within Outlook Web Access at

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How do I access my mailbox with an email client?

Outlook: please use automatic configuration and just enter your full email address and password.

POP3 or IMAP4 client: please use as both incoming and outgoing servers and login with your full email address and your password. Please use smtp authentication for outgoing email! If you would like to use SSL protection then please use port 993 for imap4, 995 for pop3 and 465 for smtp.

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How do I download setup instructions?

Please login at page and select the Support menu!
There you can download instruction guides in English or Bulgarian.

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How can I get support if I have a problem with setting up or using the service?

Please contact Vivacom's support by phone or email at any time and we will help you!

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What do I need for mobile synchronization?

All VivaMail packages support push email to your mobile! You only need a mobile device with active internet connection and Activesync capability. The following handsets are supported:

- Windows Mobile powered devices (HTC, Samsung, Sony-Ericcson etc.)
- Nokia E and N series handsets with Nokia Mail for Exchange application
- Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS
- Android powered devices like HTC Magic and Hero
- Any other phone or client which supports Exchange Activesync (EAS) protoco

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How do I setup Activesync on my handset?

Please refer to the handset's instructions!
If your handset supports autodiscovery then you only need to enter your full email address (as the login) and your password. In some cases you will need a server address as well:

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Can I access my email from a handset which does not support Activesync?

Yes, if your mobile handset does not support Activesync, but has an internet connection and has a POP3 or IMAP4 compatible email client software then you can download your email from VivaMail's servers and on most handsets you can schedule regular downloads as well. We recommend downloading the message headers only and fetching the relevant full messages manually.

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On how many handsets or computers can I use the VivaMail service?

There is no limit to the number of devices or computers from which you can access your VivaMail account.

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What happens if I am not connected to the Internet? Can I still use the services in offline mode?

Yes, you can have access to your mailbox, calendar and tasks in offline mode as well with an Outlook client if you have a VivaMail Advanced and Premium package by ticking
"Use cached Exchange mode" checkbox under
tools menu>account settings >select VivaMail account>change>more settings>advanced.

With a VivaMail Smart account you still have the option to download emails with POP3 or IMAP4 and use them offline with any standard email client (Windows Mail, Thunderbird etc.). Of course to send newly composed messages you will need an active internet connection.

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Where can I use VivaMail services?

There is no geographical restriction - all you need is an internet connection. You can easily take advantage of VivaMail's flexible services from virtually anywhere or any device.

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Is there any difference between Shared and Personal calendars?

  • Shared calendar is a collaboration tool that helps timing the common meetings efficiently.
  • Personal calendar contains your personal electronic stamp, that is -by default - invisible to other users.

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How can I share my personal calendar with a colleague?

  • You can share your calendar easily with Outlook 2007. Please select the calendar from the left menu, and click the "Share my calendar" link.
  • Tools menu >Option>Calendar option >free/busy option> and click to the "add" button for adding a person, who will be authorized to see your calendar entries.

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Is there a way to migrate my previous e-mails to my new VivaMail hosted mailbox?

Yes,  the easiest way is to export the emails from your previous mailbox on your PC into a local file and then import them into the new mailbox. This can be easily done with Outlook and a PST file, but there are many other tools for this.

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Can I pull emails from an external POP3 or IMAP4 mailbox into the new VivaMail mailbox?

Yes, you can setup one or more external mailboxes to be pulled regularly into your VivaMail mailbox. This is the easiest way to keep your existing mailbox(es) and merge them with a professional VivaMail mailbox with push to your mobile.

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How can I migrate my companies complete email server to the VivaMail service?

In case of large amount of mailboxes to be migrated Vivacom will setup a project and help you to mass migrate the accounts and mailbox content in a single step without lot of manual work. Please contact VivaMail support if you need assistance.

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Is there a way to keep my existing email server, but migrate some of the mailboxes to the VivaMail service?

Yes, we call this co-existence and there are multiple solutions:

1. The primary domain (for example is hosted on an on-premise server and some mailboxes (for example a department or the management team) are hosted by Vivacom. The hosted mailboxes should be setup with an interim domain name (for example and the original mailboxes should be forwarded to the hosted equivalents. In the hosted mailboxes we setup addresses as the primary aliases, which means outgoing email will be sent out with these.
Please ask Vivacom support to setup such a company account for you!

2. Another option is to simply use the POP3/IMAP4 pull functionality to fetch email from the existing mailboxes of the users if these are accessible from the internet.

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Do you offer virus and spam filtering?

Yes, VivaMail includes continuously updated virus and spam filtering with multiple engines.
Obvious spam is being rejected; likely spam emails are delivered to the Junk E-mail folder.
If using Outlook you can set spam filtering sensitivity and white+blacklists.

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How do you guarantee email security?

  • Mail servers are hosted in multiple secure, top-tier datacenter environments
  • Mirrored high-performance storage, that keeps your data safe even in case of disasters
  • Redundant architecture and good scalability
  • 99,99% availability
  • Continuous performance monitoring and on-demand server farm upgrades
  • Server-side anti-virus and spam filtering
  • Daily high-performance backups (full and incremental)

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How do you secure communication across the internet?

The following encryption standards are used:

  • RPC over HTTPS (Outlook Anywhere with 2003 and 2007 versions)
  • HTTPS (Outlook Web Access, Activesync)

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Can I read my employees’ e-mails as a company administrator?

No, the mailboxes are only available to the user by giving their personal password. Thus it is essential to keep the password safe at all times.

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If I have accidentally deleted an e-mail. Can I restore it?

Yes, the deleted e-mails are automatically stored in the Deleted Items folder for 15 days. With Outlook and/or Outlook Web Access you can restore the desired e-mails within this time period.

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What happens with my mailbox, if I decide to terminate the VivaMail service?

In this case VivaMail deletes all the e-mails and information stored on its servers, so there will be nothing remaining from your mailbox. As the deletion cannot be undone, it is reasonable to make a client-side backup beforehand.

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