Easy Traffic

Easy Traffic

Easy Traffic

Online everywhere, without binding

  • Surf freely wherever you are
  • Without a contract
  • BGN 0.01 per MB
  • 10 days validity of the included MB
  • Start package Easy Traffic + 3G USB modem at a great price
  • Unique starting package Easy Traffic + MiFi modem!

Easy Traffic 

Easy Traffic with a 3G USB modem

Get a 3G USB modem and use the service on your laptop or tablet!

Price: BGN 59.90 VAT incl.

Easy Traffic with a MiFi modem

Easy Traffic with MiFi is the ideal solution for you and your family and friends when traveling or on holiday. MiFi modem can be used by up to 10 devices.

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Price: BGN 99.90 VAT incl

Special terms & conditions:
1) In case of first activation, the account will get an initial balance of 1200 MB;
2) The validity of the included in the package 1200 MB is 10 days from the date of the activation of the prepaid card;
3) After the expiry of the validity period, the included MB cannot be used;
4) The minimum initial charging is 100KB, then the sessions are 10KB;
5) All voice, SMS and MMS services on the card are restricted;
6) The maximum speed with 3G USB modem from VIVACOM is 7.2 Mbps;
7) Easy Traffic cannot be used in roaming.

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