VIVACOM FiberNet 20

ВИВАКОМ FiberNet 20


High-speed Optic Internet with many free additional services and 24/7 maintenance at 123.


Features of VIVACOM FiberNet 20
Monthly price with 24-month contract  BGN 15.80 
Monthly price with 12-month contract BGN 17.80 
Maximum download speed 20 Mbps
Maximum upload speed 10 Mbps
NOD 32 Antivirus software 1 licence 
Static IP address 1
Free mail box 1

With VIVACOM FiberNet 20 you get: 

  • High-speed Optic Internet up to 20 Mbps;
  • Same speed for national and international sites;
  • Unlimited traffic;
  • Constant and stable connection;
  • Free engineering installation;
  • Free Wi-Fi router;
  • 24/7 technical maintenance.



Free Antivirus Software     Free Wi-Fi router     Static IP address
nod     Wi-Fi router     ip

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is an antivirus aoftware which protects your computer and personal data such as documents, pictures and passwords! It is available to all FiberNet clients at 

    Get a free Wi-Fi router Huawei HG231F with wireless connectivity, high-speed Wi-Fi connection and possibility for multiple devices connectivity.      You get a real static IP address, which protects your personal information better and helps you use different services such as online banking, playing in game servers, making conference calls, etc.

All clients are also able to purchase: 

  • Additional mail boxes - BGN 1.20 VAT incl. There's no limit to the additional mail boxes. Capacity: 500 MB through POP3/IMAP/SMTP  

Additional information: 

1. The service is available upon signing a 12/24-month contract. 
2. The package is valid for business and residential clients. 
3. NOD 32 Ativirus Software and the static IP address are available for stating at
4. All prices are VAT excl. 
*The offer with a free trial of the service is valid for all new residential and business customers at signing a 12/24 month contract. 
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