Business SMS

Business SMS

Sending SMS to large number of users at the same time.

Capacity - fast and easy communication to large number of users.

 Audience - only a mobile device is needed to access the customer. 

 Immediacy - minimum time between receiving and reading a message

 Price - 
low cost to reach a large audience of end customers. 

Business SMS is a service enabling through the VIVACOM network to send a large quantities of simultaneous short messages (SMS) to VIVACOM network from a PC through a web interface provided by the mobile operator or own client application.

The service is specialty designed for Business customer for covering the routine needs of communication with business partners or with their own employees at extremely low price.

1. Application of service:

  • Easy and efficient manner for internal corporate communication.
  • Support marketing campaigns and promotional activities directly to the end user
  • Provide various types of additional information - sport, weather forecasts, horoscopes, exchange rates, etc.  
  • Tailored Business solutions, using the SMS communication as additional data transmission channel.


2. Additional opportunities of the service:

  • Creating different groups of users, able to use the service with definite rights.
  • Creating different groups of recipients - predefined groups of recipients giving the opportunity for easier and faster way to address a particular message to the relevant audience. Each group can be modified or edited.
  • Creating message templates - ability to create message templates for different occasions or events.
  • Setting a future date for message sending - capability to create a message and set a sending date different from the date of creation.
  • Generation of various SMSs reports and statistics: detailed monitoring of campaigns conducted.

3. Prices VAT excl.

bSMS package

Package Size

Package Price

Price per SMS
in package

BSMS Package 500


BSMS Package 1000 

1 000  45.00  0.045 

BSMS Package 5000 

5 000  199.00  0.040 

BSMS Package 10 000 

10 000  349.00  0.035 

BSMS Package 20 000 

20 000   619.00 0.031 

4. Instructions:

Customer must conclude a contract with VIVACOM for use of the service.

  • The contract contains the following elements:
  1. Choice of identification number before the SMS recipients.
  2. Choice of an SMS package: 500 /1000/5000/10 000/20 000
  • Customer could use more than one identification number.
  • An SMS package is valid for six months from the date of activation.
  • The SMSs which have not been used after the sixth month will be kept only upon activation of a new package of any volume. If customer fails to activate a new package after the sixth month and still has unused SMSs, the latter may not be used.

5. Sending Business SMS

1.Access to Service:

  • Via web based application where customer is identified by user name and password.
  • Via private protocol based on HTTPS 

2. SMS features:

  • Number of symbols: an SMS length may be up to 160 symbols (letters, numbers and spaces) in Latin alphabet. If an SMS is more than 160 symbols, the system will split the whole message into SMSs of 160 symbols each and send the relevant number of SMSs.
  • SMS validity period: maximum 72 hours.
  • Future sending date: within 5 days after the date of message creation  
  • Message priority.

3. Business SMS Self Provisioning

  • Self-provisioning is implemented by providing each user with the ability to accept/ decline the receipt of a specific bSMS notification.
  • Customer has the right to stop the receipt of SMSs from a specific bSMS number by sending SMS with text "stop" to the relevant short number. 
  • To resume receiving SMSs again, customer should send SMS with text "start" to the relevant short number. 
  • bSMS barring and unbarring SMSs are charged according to the customer's tariff plan.