VIP Business

VIP Business

Vip Business is a telephone service provided through IP connectivity. The Service is highly integrated solution for simultaneous usage of multiple voice channels.

  • Significant cost saving service for your business
  • Flexible realization solutions
  • Up to 30 simultaneous voice channels
  • Guaranteed capacity of the line
  • Wide range of additional services

Vip Business service provides access to fixed vivacom's network though SIP trunk connectivity (IP connectivity that permits to customers who have an IP enabled device to use Voice-over-IP). 
Vip Business proposes cost-saving solution for companies and high quality service similar to traditional fixed PSTN and all its additional features.


  • Flexible solutions and different tariff plan proposals depending on the needs of your business
  • Guaranteed IP connection directly to customer's premises
  • Ability to organize service automatic input / DDI / and up to 10 free numbers per channel
  • Possibility for up to 300 free phone numbers for DDI
  • Guaranteed symmetric speed per channel
  • Up to 30 voice channels according to the selected plan
  • Possibility to transform existing phone line and keep the same telephone number.

For more information please call 121 or contact your account manager.

General terms of the contract between VIVACOM and the telephone post subscribers  

Terms for providing the service VIP Business