Green phone 0800

Green phone  0800

The service "Green phone - 0800" is a telephone service that allows subscribers (users) to pay the full value of the conducted conversation.

For calls to number 0800 the subscribers of VIVACOM digital exchange do not have to pay for the telephone conversation. All the rest the conversation is charged as 1 impulse not depending on its type and duration.


  • One number for multiple offices
  • Option for tailored messages. BTC provides a default message free of charge
  • Call forward to the office or branch nearest to the caller's location, up to 30 areas
  • Calls divert specified by time (day, hour, etc.)
  • Call diversions on busy, on no reply, according to specified ratios, the call is sent to different locations, according to customer choice
  • Maximum call duration may be set
  • Routing of the call to POTS or ISDN lines
  • Lines under 0800 can be used for incoming calls only


  • Choice of a special 0800 number
  • One level of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) provided;
  • Statistics for incoming calls available online via password


  • Attract new customers by making it free of charge to call you
  • Expand your business, providing a free national number even in those regions of the country where you have no offices
  • Measurement of campaign efficiency based on optional statistics
  • Develop company's image
  • Keep your telephone number for life, irrespective of where you move in Bulgaria

Prices VAT excl:

1. Installation, monthly and additional charges

Installation fee: Price:
Ordinary Number 100.00
Golden number is a number of the type: 0800 XY 0XY, 0800 XY XY0, 0800 XY YX0, 0800 XY 000, 0800 XY A00, 0800 XY AAA 500.00
Monthly rental of Free Phone service number for term contract 12** / 24** months 15.00
Additional services:   
Customer Profile configuration change per event   10.00
Online Itemized Bill (no more than 6 months past)  Free
Configuration of IVR option per event  50.00

*The customer of the Free Phone number pays also the monthly rental of the phone lines used as destinations of the service.

** At signing a 12/24 - month contract, the client doesn't pay a monthly rental for the duration of the contract.

2. 0800 Call charges:

  • All the incoming calls to Free Phone Service numbers 0800 are paid by the owner of the number as follows:


Price per minute

Local   Peak  0.050 
Off peak  0.040
Long Distance    Peak  0.110 
Off peak  0.045 
Mobile originated  Other mobile networks  0.280 
VIVACOM mobile network  0.210 


  • All calls except mobile originated have a minimum call charge of 60 seconds, after 1st minute charging is per second. Mobile originated calls have minimum call charge of 15 seconds and are rated in 1 second increments.


For more information contact your Account manager or call Customer Service on 121.