The service Centrex "Business Group" is a group of digital telephone lines of one subscriber at the territory of one settlement (one access code) organized into a virtual business group where the calls within the group are not charged.

For each group, a private numbering plan is defined, which is used by all subscribers of the "Centrex". The service "Centrex" is offered with package of free additional options.

Conditions for provision

A subscriber of the telephone lines in the group can only be one legal person and the service is intended for its own needs. The lines connected to the group can be

  • Digital telephone lines (POTS)
  • ISDN (2B+D)
  • DDI

connected to the VIVACOM fixed network. The number of the lines cannot be less than 5. The service does not require special equipment. The telephone lines included in the "Centrex" keep their numbers.

For more information contact your Account manager or call Customer Service on 121.