Access networks

Access networks

VIVACOM is the fastest growing telecommunications operator with a comprehensive portfolio of telecommunications services and opportunities for designing and building customer-oriented technology solutions for home and office.

The company successfully is being asserting its long experience in the realization of complex service solutions for fixed and mobile voice services, data transmission, Internet and television through participation in big investment projects countrywide.

VIVACOM develop specialization in the following areas:

  • Coordination of investment projects for construction of residential, office, business and commercial buildings;
  • Design and implementation of solutions for accessing and joining newly constructed sites to VIVACOM network;
  • Design and implementation of the latest integrated technological end-to-end solutions for the purposes of telecommunications  security in new commercial, office and residential buildings, multifunctional, hotel, holiday and residential gated communities;
  • Design and construction of projects for Structures cable transmission systems aloud, data, high-speed optical networks, FTTx-technology;
  • Design and construction of systems for providing or improving mobile coverage;
  • Design and construction of cable systems for TV-signal transmission in buildings with specific architectural performance (integrated solutions).


In the field of telecommunications services to newly built facilities in terms of establishing long lasting partnership relations with investors of national influence, VIVACOM offers attractive commercial agreements.

For the purpose of providing highly qualified technical services our company has a team of specialists in planning and implementation of telecommunications complex service solutions for newly constructed buildings. For further information please contact us at:  

0700 155 66

Access networks team, Corporate sales Directorate

Our network offers full range of high qualified telecommunication services and complex telecommunication solutions: 

 Fixed phones                                       ISDN
 Internet VIVACOM Net                        Business Internet
 VoIP                                                    IP VPN
 MAN                                                     Digital leased lines


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