Remote access to IP-VPN

Remote access to IP-VPN

VIVACOM IP-VPN is a service that provides you connection to a remote office network of your company. It enables you to directly access applications and information stored on remote servers and connection to remote points.

The service "Remote access to IP-VPN", is additional service IP-VPN, enabling you to connect over the Internet to your corporate network from anywhere in the world.


  • National and global secure access to corporate virtual private network through the client software for end-user device
  • Customer is provided with a unique username and password for access to remote virtual private network of the company
  • The security connection uses IPSec technology
  • The service can be used regardless of the technology of Internet access: dial-up, DSL, cable, wireless or mobile connection
  • Client software can be installed on different end devices, such as:
  1. Desktop computer
  2. Laptop
  3. PDA
  4. Other, which can maintain the software


  • In the "Remote access to IP-VPN" corporate resources are accessible virtually from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Users have remote access to all business software applications such as:
  1. Financial systems
  2. e-mail
  3. Text messages
  4. Management of resources (ERP)
  5. Management of customer relationships (CRM)
  6. Others
  • Easy to use - the service does not require special technical knowledge
  • Secure and reliable remote access
  • Technical support 24x7x365
  • Agreement on a technical level of service (SLA - Service Level Agreement)
  • The services are based on IP/MPLS network of VIVACOM, which provides reliable connectivity between offices and customer points of presence of VIVACOM in Bulgaria (more than 140 cities across the country) and through international partners of VIVACOM abroad

For more information please contact your Account Manager or dial 121