Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

VIVACOM has MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) networks in all major cities of Bulgaria and constantly includes new cities. Every MAN provides high-speed optical link for data, voice and video within the territory of the city.

MAN service is designed for users with essential rate of information exchange such as service providers.


  • Linkage may be:
  1. Point to point
  2. Point to many points
  • Easy to implement links between the different users who are already existing MAN customers, by configuring VLAN (Virtual LAN)
  • Flexibility of the proposed service - easy change of the parameters of the service: speed and physical topology, by logical configuration
  • Opportunities for remote access to the MAN networks for points close to the territory of the city


  • One user, one physical connection and access to many services, such as: high-speed transmission:
  1. Data
  2. Voice
  3. Video
  4. Internet
  5. Use of heavy software applications
  • High level of accessibility to MAN for all users of the urban area
  • MAN network is a circular design, which ensures high security of the services offered through it as an opportunity to provide two-way routing
  • A higher speed connection compared to other technologies
  • Guaranteed quality connection provided by the optical transmission
  • High security services in MAN
  • Competitive prices -  economically more cost-competitive service compared to leased lines
  • Allows real-time communication between remote locations and construction of IP-VPN
  • Technical support 24x7x365
  • Services are based on our IP / MPLS network, which provides reliable connectivity between offices and customer points of presence of VIVACOM in Bulgaria (more than 140 cities across the country)

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