IP-VPN (Virtual private network)

IP-VPN (Virtual private network)

VIVACOM IP-VPN (virtual private network) is service that provides you connection to a remote office network of your company. IP-virtual network allows you to access directly applications and information stored on remote servers and connection to remote points.

Service is provided by our IP / MPLS network in Bulgaria, and through our international partners, also outside the country.

As variations of the service VIVACOM is offering two different options:

  • L2 VPN-NET which provides layer 2 connectivity with guaranteed 100% capacity, minimum time and package loss. In this service the client has the opportunity to organize by himself his IP routing network
  • IP VPN-NET which provides construction of corporate networks, in accordance with communication requirements of the customer. The service is designed for business users with need for full or partial outsourcing of communication infrastructure on the territory of Bulgaria. The service enables the user to obtain a complete solution "under lock and key and provide a direct LAN-to-LAN connectivity. Reliability is achieved by prioritizing the different types of customer traffic for critical business applications and cost-effectiveness. The following categories of traffic are offered:
  1. two for real-time traffic (Voice types and Video)
  2. three for data (types: Interactive data, Business data, Standard data)

Characteristics of IP VPN-NET:

  • support and proactive monitoring of client network equipment
  • addressing private IP addresses (RFC 1918) or public (real) IP addresses
  • static and dynamic routing (BGP4, OSPF) between VIVACOM and the client
  • Internet gateway for the VPN Client
  • IPSec tunnels in the customer's VPN
  • Dial-up access to the VPN client from small offices or single jobs
  • Dial back-up, ISDN back-up of the main links


Types of VPN access to network:

  • Small offices - through Dial-up and ISDN
  • Average, large and central offices - leased lines and MAN
  • Points outside the country - according to customer's needs in terms of speed

Types of ports in the virtual network:

  • Economy - for non-critical data and applications
  • Best - traffic in real time, allowing voice and video, 100% guaranteed rate
  • Central port - connects the central office to a virtual network
  • International - 100% guaranteed

Two possible types of routing:

  • Dynamic - for greater reliability and balancing of traffic
  • Static - for easier conversion

High degree of accessibility of the service is possible due to reserved routes for transmission services.


Real-time communication between distant points within and outside the country.

Possibility of integration of many different software applications:

  • Financial
  • E-mail
  • Disclosure
  • Management Systems of Resource (ERP)
  • Management systems for customer relationship (CRM)
  • Many others

Ability to define and prioritize different types of network traffic and thus ensure the quality of corporate communication, according to needs.

Parameters for guaranteed quality of service, such as:

  • Package loss
  • Jitter
  • E-mail
  • Time

  • Agreement level maintenance (SLA - Service Level Agreement)
  • Professional network design of the virtual IP network for each customer and 24x7x365 maintenance
  • Services are based on our IP / MPLS network, which provide reliable connectivity between customer offices and connection points of VIVACOM in Bulgaria (more than 140 cities across the country)

For more information please contact your Account Manager or dial 121.