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Tariff plan

Unlimited MAX

Price for plan Unlimited MAX

52.99 BGN/month

Which is the perfect plan for you?

Unlimited 2

Perfect for chatting and music

The ideal plan for fans of text messages, music platforms and long calls. Speed up to 2Mbps, with which every song starts instantly, wherever you are. Unlimited Megabytes to explore the whole music world, and with unlimited minutes and messages you can tell and text anyone. With the new Unlimited 2, you have unlimited freedom to chat or have fun with your favorite music and friends every day.

Unlimited 10

Ideal for social Media and Endless Surfing

Social media and the internet are your world, then there's no better companion in it than Unlimited 10. Unlimited freedom to surf with endless megabytes, no matter if you're chatting, sharing stories or just checking out what's new with your friends, with up to 10Mbps it's extremely fast, easy and pleasant. Neither the Internet nor the minutes and SMS will ever end, just like the entertainment and content on your favorite networks.

Unlimited 100

All the internet you need at fast speed

When you want it all, and nothing less than perfect quality is enough for you, Unlimited 100 is the plan for you with speed of up to 100Mbps. Everything you need in one plan in an instant – watch your favorite HD video content on YouTube and Netflix, stream freely, download files at ultra-fast speeds, surf social networks and sites without any lag. There are endless megabytes, SMS and minutes for everything and everyone.

Unlimited 300

Professional level for Gaming and office needs

The freedom to play, work from home and do it on a different level UNLIMITEDLY, that's what you get with Unlimited 300. Such fast internet with a speed of up to 300 Mbps with unlimited megabytes, minutes and SMS allows you to bring the office, work or gaming emotion, wherever and whenever you decide. You can download mega-fast files, participate seamlessly in conference calls with crystal-clear video and sound, and have time to relax to enjoy music in the best quality.

Unlimited MAX

MAX experience - use the full potential of your network and device

It's time for new exclusive UNLIMITED experiences. MAX speed with the new Unlimited MAX plan. Get a plan with UNLIMITED internet speed, watch video content in ultra HD quality, play your favorite games with the highest quality graphics and animation, or work seamlessly at home, away or on the go. There are no limits to this plan, just as there are no limits to you. Use unlimited megabytes, minutes and SMS to the max.


*Each Unlimited plan comes with maximum speeds for the period 13.09 - 31.10.2023.


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