VIVA Menu 

All new and attractive services are expecting you in the main menu of your mobile phone! 


Use them for:


  • Check your current bills and balances;
  • Load money over your pre-paid cards without using vouchers;
  • Pay for car parking in Blue Zone city area.


You can find VIVA Menu in the main menu of your SIM card or in some categories as Tools, Setup, Applications or Extras. Note that the latest option depends from the model of your mobile phone.


The VIVA Menu is available on VIVACOM branded SIM cards which 20-symbol serial number includes 89359032 in the beginning. If your SIM card does not support such kind of Menu, you can change it in all VIVACOM Chain of Stores.


VIVA Menu is automatically updated every time when you use the service. By VIVA Menu you are able to have free high-speed access directly to the VIVACOM WAP portal, which gives you download access to new Java games, pictures, tunes etc.


VIVA Menu is available both in Bulgarian and English language versions.