+Roaming EU

Add a package with minutes for incoming and outgoing calls while you're traveling in the EU.



+ Roaming EU S

+ Roaming EU M

+ Roaming EU L

+ Roaming EU XL

Monthly fee in BGN





Included minutes for outgoing and incoming calls in/from EU





Price per minute for included in the package 





Special terms & conditions:
1) Included minutes for outgoing roaming calls to all countries in the European Union and incoming calls while roaming in the EU.
2) Packages are valid for new and existing subscribers.
3) More than one package can activate in one period.
4) Packages are available with and without subscription.
5) Validity of packets:

No contract - 30 days from the date of activation. After that period the package is deactivated and the unused minutes are not retained. If the customer wants to use the additional package again, you must activate it by calling 123 or the retail shops of VIVACOM.

Subscription packages are available with a contract term of 12 or 24 months - each month the client receives a new package without the need to state in advance.

6) With the signing of the contract for an additional set of subscription term of the contract of the principal voice tariff is increased to its alignment with the supplementary service.
7) In case of early contract termination, the client will have to pay penalties equal to the remaining monthly fees for the months left till the end of the contract.
8) Charging is per 60 seconds. Minimum call duration is 60 seconds.
9) Unused minutes do not roll over to the next month.
10) Upon deactivation of a package without a subscription, prepaid monthly fees are not refundable. Upon deactivation of a subscription package after contract prepaid monthly fees are refundable.
11) All prices are in BGN VAT incl.

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